Monday, August 27, 2012

weekend recap

How was your weekend? Tell me all about it.

Saturday night we took my bf's mom out for Sonoran hot dogs. We first had them in Tucson a few months back when visiting my sister. 

Sonoran dog in Tucson
It's basically a hot dog wrapped in bacon with beans and other tasty deliciousness. His mom was pretty jealous, so when we heard a new Mexican restaurant near us had them, we promised to take her. 

I opted for tacos (chorizo+potato+queso & pork+pineapple+jalapeno) and elote especial: grilled corn with poblano lime cream, cojita cheese, and chilis. First, please know that I LOVE corn. I was expecting a little cup and could not have been more excited at this giant cob of goodness. Mmmm.

Since this is quickly turning into a food post/blog, here's my dinner on Friday night:

Lamb burger patty, grilled peppers and squash with hummus, rice, pickle
We like to do dinners right!

After having a margarita with dinner on Saturday, I wanted to keep the party going, so like real awesome people we set up our camping chairs in living room and watched soccer while playing music and drinking some beers. Good times. The camping chairs were necessary, because if we sat on the couch, we would've just fallen asleep. 20s going on 80s. 

Sunday I went to theee cutest baby shower for the most fabulous mama-to-be. She is going to have one stylin' little man! :)

Then I finished off the weekend with the True Blood finale. I need something else to look forward to now on Sunday nights to help avoid weekend-end-depression!
Also .. is the next season going to be the last?? Please say it ain't so!

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