Friday, August 31, 2012


I kind of have a thing for unicorns. I have one tattooed on my side, at least 5 hanging up in my apartment, a few brass ones, jewelry, this awesome CakeSpy shirt ... you get the idea. I'm not quite Dodgeball status yet, but maybe one day.

Screencap from Apartment Therapy

Sooo, I am kind of losing my mind over this ASOS sweatshirt. 

ASOS Galactic Horses Sweatshirt
I'm cheap, so normally I would never pay that much for a sweatshirt. However, I have a feeling that this is going to end up in my closet very soon...

Thursday, August 30, 2012


we just watched the move chronicle ... have you seen it? probably, because we are way behind on movies. then, when we do get something from netflix, we let it sit on the table for a good 2-3 weeks before we actually watch it (yep, we are those people).

the movie is about three teens who get super powers. if that sounds fun, it's not, really. the movie was really interesting and good, i thought. i really liked it, but it's also very unsettling. i feel weird now.

i'm hoping to go see hit and run this weekend, because i have a huge girl crush on kristen bell. have you seen anything good lately?

i know everyone has seen the sloth video, but hopefully you've also seen it autotuned. if not, enjoy.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Monday, August 27, 2012

weekend recap

How was your weekend? Tell me all about it.

Saturday night we took my bf's mom out for Sonoran hot dogs. We first had them in Tucson a few months back when visiting my sister. 

Sonoran dog in Tucson
It's basically a hot dog wrapped in bacon with beans and other tasty deliciousness. His mom was pretty jealous, so when we heard a new Mexican restaurant near us had them, we promised to take her. 

I opted for tacos (chorizo+potato+queso & pork+pineapple+jalapeno) and elote especial: grilled corn with poblano lime cream, cojita cheese, and chilis. First, please know that I LOVE corn. I was expecting a little cup and could not have been more excited at this giant cob of goodness. Mmmm.

Since this is quickly turning into a food post/blog, here's my dinner on Friday night:

Lamb burger patty, grilled peppers and squash with hummus, rice, pickle
We like to do dinners right!

After having a margarita with dinner on Saturday, I wanted to keep the party going, so like real awesome people we set up our camping chairs in living room and watched soccer while playing music and drinking some beers. Good times. The camping chairs were necessary, because if we sat on the couch, we would've just fallen asleep. 20s going on 80s. 

Sunday I went to theee cutest baby shower for the most fabulous mama-to-be. She is going to have one stylin' little man! :)

Then I finished off the weekend with the True Blood finale. I need something else to look forward to now on Sunday nights to help avoid weekend-end-depression!
Also .. is the next season going to be the last?? Please say it ain't so!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Feeling fruity....

I love grocery shopping, a little bit too much. Every Saturday I meet up with my mom and we shop with good intentions -- spend less money, stick to the list. The day I achieve this will be a proud day. 

I've been trying to cut back on sugar. I looooove fruit, and even though a piece of fruit is better than a candy bar, the minimum 5 servings I eat a day is probably not good. So I had all these good intentions of not buying too much (since I'd already been to two other stores) and not buying so much fruit. I ended up with six kinds of fruit. #help


Alsoooo Jell-O has these new puddings out that I could NOT resist. 
Photo from theimpulsivebuy on Flickr

Another problem I have is that whenever I buy a box of cereal, I have to eat a bowl of it immediately when I get home, regardless of if I am hungry or not.

It's just so delicious!

I had every intention of being "good" today in order to prepare for the Mexican feast I will be enjoying later tonight, but my mom showed up with a Biggby Peanut Butter Cup Chill, and that is one thing I will never turn down.

Mmmmm, PB

I did ride 32 (long overdue) miles this morning, though, so I'd say I earned it!

Usually I try to ride my bike as much as I can in the summer, but for whatever reason, I have really been slacking. I was happy to break that (too) long hiatus today! It felt great to get out there. It's really the best way to start the day.

I hope you are having an amazing weekend!

Friday, August 24, 2012


Thank goodness it is Friday. I am more than ready for the weekend! It should be a fun one, too, with a birthday dinner for my bf's mom and a baby shower. 

A few things I enjoyed this week....

Expendables 2. God was this movie fantastic. It was even better than the first one (though to be fair, the bar wasn't set that high). So many good one-liners. If 90 some minutes of explosions and gratuitous violence doesn't put a smile on your face then I don't know how to help you. Go see it now. 

It doesn't fall in line with my usual musical tastes (save for the Queen of Pop Britney Spears), but something about Katy Perry's music just puts me in a good mood. I kind of love-to-hate her as a person but I will proudly blast "Part of Me" as I drive down the road.

My mom and I got a really good Groupon deal for 10 Zumba classes for $20 or something equally crazy. It was my first time but I have really been enjoying it. The teacher this past week was aweeesome. It really makes me miss my dancing days! Even though I feel like I am incapable of "shimmying" -- my shoulders just don't want to go that way. Regardless, it's a lot of fun. 

That's all I've got. What made you smile this week?

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wednesday Wednesdays

Wednesday rarely lies on the couch, so she looked so cute lounging the other day. She looks so tiny. 

Oh she had a wonky eye!

Also, have you seen the chimera cat? My bf sent me this. We want one bad.

Photo from Geekologie

And then, there's this, which I am making my ringtone (not joking)...

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Now Playing: The Darkness

The long-anticipated reunion album from The Darkness dropped on Monday, and it pretty much exceeded expectations based on the cover art alone. 

I bought the MP3 album but I'm planning on tracking down the vinyl so that I can hang this up. If they happen to sell a giant poster, even better.

We saw The Darkness once live on the tour of their first album, and it's still one of the best shows I've ever seen. The music scene needs a lot more glam-metal-freddie-esque-dance-rock if you ask me.

You can stream the whole album right now over on Rolling Stone. Don't miss it! 

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Expendables 2

Is anyone else as excited for this as I am? We are going tomorrow morning... bring on the explosions.

Friday, August 17, 2012

my motivation seems to have gone missing. if you find it, please return to...

I've been feeling down this week, for no good reason really. I've got way more things to be happy about than sad, but I just can't seem to get out of this funk. I feel like I'm stuck in a rut. I feel burnt out. I think that I should have taken a short break from working out after finishing P90X in June, because now I'm dreading my workouts. I always take one or two (usually two) rest days, but I think I needed a week or so. I just feel like I am lacking direction and motivation, or maybe it is the absence of structure.

I'm going to try and take a short break from working out, but the problem is, 1) I feel guilty and 2) when I don't work out, I just want to say the hell with it and eat a large pizza with a bowl of ice cream. Neither of these are good things -- I should not feel guilty, and I should not feel like I need to give up. My bf found an analogy about how when you drop your phone, you don't say, "oh, I dropped my phone, might as well smash it into a million pieces." You shouldn't do this with your diet, either -- if you eat that large pizza, you shouldn't use that to rationalize adding on ice cream, beer, and french fries (pick your poison). This makes so much sense to me, and I try to remember it, but it's hard to really put into practice. I do want to just dive head first into a bowl of ice cream some days. 

I was thinking earlier that it's completely ridiculous that I even feel bad about trying to NOT eat certain things, when so many people don't even get that option! But again, even though I am aware of this and try to think about it, I still can't seem to change my mindset. 

I don't know where this is going really, but I just feel a bit lost. When I feel bad about myself, it affects everything else I do -- so even though it seems trivial to be down about skipping some lunges or eating that bowl of ice cream, it's all connected.

Does anyone else feel this way? Am I crazy? Do you have any tips for finding your motivation? I'd love to hear them. 

On another note, the 3-day Walk for the Cure is this weekend. I love seeing those ladies walk, it's so inspiring and I feel so much pride. I participated in Ride for the Cure last year and  I hope to do the century next year now that I have a proper bike (I rode 60 miles on a single speed!). The feeling I had when I was done was like no other. So to all the ladies (and men?) participating in the 3-day, you rock!

Also on another note, this morning a GIANT spider appeared in the kitchen. Of course, when I went to go get help, it disappeared. I thought I was getting better about spiders, but considering that I cried after it was gone, I guess the opposite is true! I just couldn't deal. I'm still afraid to go into the kitchen, I keep peeking my head around the corner before I dare enter. Hopefully my cat had a little midday snack. 

Sorry that was so text heavy! Thanks for reading :) 


Thursday, August 16, 2012

Things I Love Thursdays: I really love soccer

  • I feel like all my TILT posts have involved soccer thus far (a whopping two until now), but, I guess I really love soccer. Last night the U.S. Men's National Team won for the first time EVER in Mexico. It only took 75 years but Brek Shea off the bench got a play started and the U.S. held the lead until the end. History in the making:

  • Also, the Premier League starts this weekend and I can't wait. Anyone want to join our Fantasy league? Anyone? Bueller? RVP to Man Utd is stressing me out. It's totally messing up my line up (and my head).
  • Pinterest. I'm no stranger to Pinterest but lately my obsession has gone into overdrive. I want to just organize everything in my life in pinboards ... how sad.
  • Donut plugs from BMA Modified. I got these plugs as a gift (thanks sister!) and I just love them. 

  • I got a new bike!! I'm pretty excited about this. I previously only had a single speed, which I love, but I'm ready to get serious and learn how to use gears, hah.
  • Sonic. Am I the only one who gets really excited at the start of a month, because I know Sonic's new items are going to come out? Yeah? Just me? Well, I am not ashamed. I go to a zumba class near a Sonic and undo all my efforts. I was SO excited when Sonic finally came to my state. I could go for a diet raspberry limeade right now (or more like a giant hey batter batter blast). This sign made me laugh because at least I'm not the only one ... 
via here

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wednesday Wednesdays

Just some cute kitties hanging out in a box:

I'm a bad mom and couldn't even tell you which one is Wednesday. She grew up in a plumbing/bathroom supply store so basically she is a junkyard cat. 

She is one tough little cookie! 

That picture is so funny to me. Actually, she is a scaredy cat. She jumps at everything.

Speaking of animals, have you seen Tret the Parkour dog? My bf sent me this yesterday and it is insane.

(via FilmDrunk)

Monday, August 13, 2012

spice up your life!

After the Olympics Closing Ceremony on Sunday, I started a Spice Girls station on Pandora, and it instantly became the best station I've made. Spice Girls, Britney, Backstreet Boys, N*SYNC, TLC ... the list goes on. I thought I'd do a little ode to Girl Power in this post.


All photos via

If you missed the performance, you can watch it here.
To listen on Pandora, click here or start your own.
Pull out your platform sneakers and come relive the late '90s with me flannel necessary.

Etsy Love: AJSweetSoap

I don't know if you've sensed a trend yet, but I really love food. Though I love eating food, I also really love fake food and food-related items. Like these adorable soaps from Etsy seller AJSweetSoap.

I mean...
Ice cream sundae soap, $10.25
Can you even!? I can't imagine actually using the soap. 

Take a look at some of their other creations:

Pop Tart soap, $4

Chocolate cupcake vegan soap, $6.5
Confetti cake soap, $6.50 
They've got other foods too, but I tend to gravitate toward the sweet stuff ;)

Sunday, August 12, 2012

A few things....

Just a few random snaps from my phone. I need to remember to take photos!

Neon pink toes

Honey vanilla bean (!) greek yogurt, 
chocolate granola, raspberries & blackberries, 
and honey

I like big buns and I cannot lie... 
(and the obligatory bathroom shot)

I've been rocking these for the past two weeks...

Pseudo-smore: black bean brownie
with a broiled marshmallow

Finally made these (plus PB)

Sugar-free caramel & cinnamon dolce
Frappuccino Light
Adult PB&J: Naturally More PB &
 raspberry jalapeno jelly

I'll take one of each.

Saturday, August 11, 2012


I know I said on Thursday that I was enjoying the rain, but we are going on day 3 of 60 degree weather. I thought August was supposed to be the hottest month?

To help conjure up some thoughts of summer, I thought I'd do a recipe round-up of one of my favorite summertime treats: s'mores. Yesterday was National S'mores Day (did you celebrate?), but why not keep the party going all weekend long by making one of these?

From the Queen of stuffing delicious foods into already delicious cookies, S'mores-Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies from Picky Palate:

From How Sweet It Is (one on my favorite blogs), Red Velvet S'mores Bars:

From Our Best Bites, S'mores Hot Chocolate (I could go for some of this right now!): 

S'mores for breakfast? Don't mind if I do... S'mores French Toast from Buns in my Oven:

And last but not least, S'mores Cheesecake Bars from Annie's Eats:

Ugh. Now I'm hungry!

All photos belong to their respective blogs, which I hope you will visit.

Friday, August 10, 2012


Congrats to the U.S. Women's National Team for taking home the gold!!!

Image via

I was so happy to be able to watch the game live instead of having to record it and watch it later. Everything is better in real time. The U.S. is no stranger to winning the gold, but beating Japan after losing to them in PKs in the Women's World Cup last year made it much more special (imo). Also, Abby Wambach seems like she would be the coolest person to hang out with, ever.

Way to go ladies!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Things I Love Thursday

Things I am loving this week:

  • Rainy days. I love summer and the heat but I can't help but enjoy rainy days like today. They make me feel all cozy and justify my laziness. (However, I much prefer hot summer storms -- it's only 67 degrees out right now!)
  • School supplies. Buying new supplies was the only thing I really ever liked about school. Something about new notebooks and pens just makes me feel motivated. I still get the same way at the beginning of the year when I get a new planner, and I can always use new notebooks!
  • Crepes. Saturday, my mom and I went to a local coffee shop for coffees and crepes. I got banana + chocolate chips + peanut butter (and whipped cream, duh) and it was as amazing as it sounds. I mistakenly ordered the large but ate it all up. On a side note, sometimes as a treat my mom  would make me peanut butter, banana, marshmallow, and chocolate chip sandwiches for lunch ... ultimate flavor combo.
  • Fishtail braids. It feels like it takes forever, but the end result is always worth it.

  • Brownies. I made Mama Pea's black bean brownies and they turned out pretty darn good. They don't taste like beans at all. They do taste strongly like applesauce, though. I've seen some recipes sub mashed banana so maybe next time I will try a mixture of both. Still, at less than 100 calories each (for 12 servings), they make a nice chocolate fix!
  • Cockneys vs. zombies. My bf just showed me this and I cannot wait.

Find last week's TILT here: