Thursday, August 16, 2012

Things I Love Thursdays: I really love soccer

  • I feel like all my TILT posts have involved soccer thus far (a whopping two until now), but, I guess I really love soccer. Last night the U.S. Men's National Team won for the first time EVER in Mexico. It only took 75 years but Brek Shea off the bench got a play started and the U.S. held the lead until the end. History in the making:

  • Also, the Premier League starts this weekend and I can't wait. Anyone want to join our Fantasy league? Anyone? Bueller? RVP to Man Utd is stressing me out. It's totally messing up my line up (and my head).
  • Pinterest. I'm no stranger to Pinterest but lately my obsession has gone into overdrive. I want to just organize everything in my life in pinboards ... how sad.
  • Donut plugs from BMA Modified. I got these plugs as a gift (thanks sister!) and I just love them. 

  • I got a new bike!! I'm pretty excited about this. I previously only had a single speed, which I love, but I'm ready to get serious and learn how to use gears, hah.
  • Sonic. Am I the only one who gets really excited at the start of a month, because I know Sonic's new items are going to come out? Yeah? Just me? Well, I am not ashamed. I go to a zumba class near a Sonic and undo all my efforts. I was SO excited when Sonic finally came to my state. I could go for a diet raspberry limeade right now (or more like a giant hey batter batter blast). This sign made me laugh because at least I'm not the only one ... 
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