Thursday, November 15, 2012

crazy brain

So, this blog thing hasn't been working out. I warned you! Truth is, when I come home, watching TV and relaxing on the couch has been winning out over this here blog. I was thinking, though, about devoting this space to my crazy brain... and probably more accurately, my crazy female brain (there are going to be lots of generalizations here, feminists be advised). 

For example: Tonight I got the desire to eat something about an hour before I went to bed. This is the absolute worst time to want to eat. I always feel like I am so close to ending the day, I should just brush my teeth and go to sleep and forget it. But once you start thinking like that, you can't stop thinking about the thing you want to eat. Two hours before bed, not an issue. 30 minutes before bed, actually too close and I will just go to bed. But that hour is the trap. 

I of course ate something but then I had to feel like I should have just gone to bed. Guys do not do this. If they are hungry, they just eat. Ughh.

See? Crazybrain.