Thursday, August 2, 2012

Things I Love Thursday: Olympics Edition

One of my favorite bloggers, the lovely Gala Darling, runs a feature called Things I Love Thursday and invites others to join in.

Here are a few things I am loving this week:

  • The Olympics! I never really got into the Olympics before, but this time around I cannot get enough. Some of my favorite events to watch are football, swimming, gymnastics, cycling, and track & field. I was bummed when the U.S. men's soccer team didn't make it, but I am still proud to support the women and will be rockin' my U.S. jersey tomorrow (and hopefully for two more games after that). Here's Rapinoe's goal from the last game:

  • Summer hours! My work is doing a summer hours program where you can work longer days Mon-Thurs and leave early on Fridays. I like to get to work early and leave early so it kind of sucks staying late, but it's oh-so worth it come Fridays.
  • Nick Offerman, aka Ron Swanson, aka the most awesome dude ever. Here's some proof (NSFW!!). That picture (and explanation) made me laugh so hard.
  • Aisha Tyler. Aisha is really funny; on one of my favorite shows, Archer; and her podcast  Girl on Guy (wonder how many hits that search is going to bring to my site) helps me get through the workday. 
If you've never seen Archer, enjoy these clips --  I've got some more Olympics to watch!