Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Wednesday Wednesdays

Since my cat's name is Wednesday, I thought I'd do a little feature on the hump days called "Wednesday Wednesdays" -- featuring, you guessed it, pictures of my cat.

My bf had a stray cat at his work who kept getting knocked up. The second time, he said half-jokingly that if any of the kittens were all black (the last litter was grey striped), he was taking them. Lo and behold, there were two all black kittens. 

I had never had a pet before (save for some fish and a guinea pig) and so I was hesitant. Wouldn't that be expensive? I'm glad he talked me into it because I love our crazy cat. 

Wednesday is kind of shy and easily scared, but also really hyper and fun. She is about 10 months old right now. Here are a couple pictures from when she was just a kitten:

Pretty cute, huh?

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