Sunday, September 23, 2012


It feels good to be lazy sometimes! We had a nice low-key weekend. 

On Thursday, we started watching American Horror Story. We watched two episodes that night, four on Friday, and on Saturday knocked out the last six. I lovelovelove watching whole seasons of TV shows, even more than watching movies. 

I never really wanted to watch that show but I'm glad I finally gave in because we loved it. I get creeped out very easily but every fall as we approach Halloween I get the urge to be a little scared. Just a little though... no Halloween/Friday the 13th/Jason for me.

Friday we watched our eps while eating some potachoes.

Saturday we had lamb burgers and a few brew-ha-has while finishing up the season. 

Today (Sunday), I made french toast for I think the first time ever. I tried to make pumpkin french toast and it turned out pretty good. I am normally a pancake person but we got a free loaf of texas toast so when life gives you lemonsfree bread, make french toast. 

I didn't really measure anything, just mixed one egg, some cinnamon, vanilla, pumpkin pie spice, a couple spoonfuls of of pure pumpkin, and some vanilla soy milk into a bowl to dip the bread. 

Later we did our Sunday ritual of hitting up Costco (pumpkin pie samples!) and then got Chinese food and watched The Raid: Redemption (which was pretty awesome).

It's been awhile since we had a Sunday like this so it feels nice! Now I'm going to go plant my butt back on the couch. Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

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