Monday, September 10, 2012

weekend recap

I've got a mini vacation this week! Next two days off, woohoo.

I like that schedule: two days off, one day on, two days off....

Friday night, I went with my mom to a Taste Fest downtown. 

For $15, you get all you can eat from at least 20 restaurants. We had pizza, feta cheese bread, chili cheese bacon sliders, prime rib, ahi tuna, honeybaked ham, shepard's pie, pulled pork sliders, salad, wine, stuffed figs, brownies, pie, mini cupcakes (x a few), mushroom crostini, buffalo wild wings boneless wings, pasties, and I know that I am forgetting more. It was the bomb.

Saturday my bf's nephew turned five, which is CRAZY because it feels like he was just born. Where does the time go?

I also went grocery shopping and bought ice cream. I hadn't bought any ice cream since we started P90X in March, which was huge. (I didn't say I didn't eat any ice cream since then -- that would just be crazy.) I finally caved. Same goes for the Cool Whip. I used to go through a container a week.

Reunited and it feels so good...

On Sunday, we went to our favorite flea market, and in good blogger fashion I forgot to take any pictures. The market happens twice each year and marks the start and end of summer. We never walk away empty handed!

Even though I forgot to take pics there, here are some of the goods:

It works!

Expanded my Batman cup collection (plus about 4 more...)
Sick Harley pouch.

Hope you had an awesome weekend!

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