Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Wednesday Wednesdays

You may have noticed that I missed (quite) a few days. Last week I was busy with work, and, well, to be honest, bf&i have been spending all of our time watching Supernatural and "horror" movies. I put horror in quotes because to be honest, my definition of "scary" might be a little bit tame for most people... my friend Sara knows this well. 

Oh, and we've been watching Dexter ... !?!?!... this season is causing me so much stress, although I am psyched about Ray Stevenson. Okay. No spoilers (unless you want some? ;) )

Anyway. It's October and I'm full in the Halloween spirit. If you have any good recommendations for creepy movies that are not slasher films -- send them my way! Cabin in the Woods is next, which normally would not make my list but everyone keeps saying I should see it. 

Without further ado, here's a little black cat action for our Wednesday.

This is a RARE occasion of her sleeping in my lap. She only lies on  M. Little brat.

Congrats to my friend Laura who had a beautiful little boy yesterday!

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