Thursday, October 18, 2012

The sad truth.

The sad truth behind my lapse in posting is that bf&i started watching Supernatural and we are hooked. So, when we get home from work, we start watching Supernatural and keep watching 'til we go to bed. If we are not watching Supernatural, it's because we are watching one of our fall shows: Sons of Anarchy, Grimm, Parks & Rec, The League, Dexter, American Horror Story, Key & Peele, or most recently, Elementary. 

Sooo yeah. We are lame. It's getting cold out. Bring on the hibernation.


  1. We could share DVRs I swear. You guys sound exactly like us. Supernatural is awesome! It's gotten a little weird the past few seasons though. I still can watch the first and second season over and over!

    1. Haha! We are hooooked. We are just finishing up the second season. Mat had also heard that it gets pretty weird. We recorded American Horror Story, I can't wait to watch it!!

      How are you feeling?