Monday, January 21, 2013

Movie Monday: The Last Stand

Well, I'm back. For now. I kind of lost interest in this here blog for a while (although to be fair, I did warn you), but it seems to have returned.

I think I just need to figure out why I want to blog. I love reading blogs (I think it's just a voyeuristic nature), and so it feels natural to want to contribute to that culture. I also used to enjoy writing, and it'd be a good way for me to revisit that. Somewhere down the line I just stopped.

A lot of it is the time commitment. When I get home, I want to just relax and do nothing. So, taking the time to blog takes energy -- even if it's small (and exaggerated). 

I don't know. How to do you bloggers do it? In the end, I know I just need to stop making excuses and go for it. 

Anyway. I had the day off today, so Mat and I went to go see The Last Stand.

It was basically what you would expect, hah. For some reason I was just so excited about Ah-nald's first real role since he's been in back in films, and also his pairing with Johnny Knoxville. It's not going to win any awards, but it has some pretty terribl(ygreat) one-liners, and the former Governator goes hand-to-hand with the main villain. It was the first on our list of movies for 2013, which is long! So many awesome movies are coming out this year!

I am going to go warm up with some soup now. I hope you all got an extended weekend, too! Happy New Year!


  1. blogging is hard. i like to do it, but adding pictures and links and blah blah blah can be so tedious and time consuming sometimes. I'm trying to get better about consistently posting mon-fri and using a few hours on sundays to get all my posts together, but sometimes I would really rather watch another episode of The Real Desperate Housewives of where ever instead.

  2. exactly! you are doing awesome though. i think you need to figure out how to turn your blog into a full-time gig, you definitely have what it takes!